Saturday 2/1/2020

Black History Month Festival Kickoff Breakfast Report

Hey everybody, we are very happy to report the Black History Month Festival™ Kickoff Breakfast was a powerful success. Brother Kool Weather and his girlfriend Cloudy Windy tried their best to derail the breakfast, but the BHMF crowd simply was not having it

The DJ heated things up right away with his music creating a spirit of yesterdays overcoming power. The program got started on the outside, then moved to the inside. That is when the crowd got more heat.

The speakers were simply of the chain and the information they shared gave one thoughtful food for today and tomorrow. The United States Postal Service jumped in with their celebration of the release of their 43rd stamp in the Black Heritage series honoring an esteemed journalist and trailblazer ” Gwen Ifill ” with a  Forever Stamp.

After that, the crowd when wild with conversation on all kinds of Black History trivia. The breakfast was hot and waiting to show off a Black Cook cooking skills. Let me tell you Black Folk were walking, talking and chewing. The food was good. It was some of the best fried fish, grits, and potatoes, I’ve had in a minute.

This was day one (1) of the Black History Month Festival™ in the Tallahassee area.
Just want to thank the Black History Month Festival ™ team, for a really great time.