BLACK HISTORY MONTH FESTIVAL™ is a unique month-long series of activities that provide enriching cross-cultural experiences for adults and youngsters. The purpose of this program is to make it fun and easy to learn about and understand the contributions and achievements of African Americans to this country. The program’s planning committee helps identify, plan and coordinate an entire month of educational, social and civic events that serve as wonderful learning experiences for individuals of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Activities will take place every day during February 2020 in numerous communities throughout the area. And best of all, many of these events are FREE to attend. The first program in North FL/South GA was produced in 2005.

TARGET AREA & AUDIENCE: Residents and tourists in six North Florida counties (Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison and Gadsden) and three South Georgia counties (Thomas, Decatur and Grady) are our primary audience. Included are government, professional, and blue-collar workers; college students, retirees, children, and cultural artists. Our target area includes Tallahassee – Florida’s capital city – with its beautiful rolling hills and canopy roads; St. Marks and Panacea which boasts great fishing, hunting and the wonderful expanse of the Gulf of Mexico; old southern mansions, plantations and the memory of quail hunting in Thomasville, GA; and places where you’re welcome to come sit a spell and enjoy the quiet or engage in lively conversation with just plain folks.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH FESTIVAL™ was started in Orlando, FL in 1991; and produced in Metro Atlanta.

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